The tool to be productive managing your tasks

In the cloud

Your tasks always accessible

Access your tasks connecting from anywhere. Add tasks sending emails to nubbusgtd. Manage your task from your smartphone or tablet.


Organize your tasks into projects

You can organize your tasks grouped into projects, and include projects into another projects, there is no time limit to organize and group your tasks!

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Contexts, priorities, areas ...

Add, if you want to, contexts, areas, priorities, efforts or time to your tasks, so it will be easier to make decisions about which tasks to address at all times. You can hide categories that you don't need.


Plan your schedule properly

Defines the deadline for your work, or make plans for later. Add reminders to your tasks on hold or maybe start back one day. Sync your calendar with nubbusgtd.


Choose how you want to do your tasks

See your tasks for today or tomorrow, which ones you can do next, which ones are waiting for someone to do them, or any other status you want.